Jr. KG is an introductory level of kindergarten. The appropriate age of child enrollment is 4 to 5 years.

Juniors Kg

“Everything you say to your child is absorbed, catalogued and remembered”.
– Maria Montessori

Eligibility: 4 to 5 years

Our Jr.KG program focuses on six major domains of development i.e: Language development, Cognitive development, Socio- Emotional Development, Fine motor development, Gross motor development, Creative Development.

The Curriculum & Activities are designed specifically studying the age criteria of the child by our curriculum development team as per the developmental milestones of the child and also by observing their grasping powers and behaviors towards activities.

Language Development

  • Listening skill (Stories, songs, rhymes)
  • Language & Vocabulary
  • Phonic Sounds
  • Sight Words
  • Recognizes common sounds in the surrounding and sounds of objects
  • Story Telling
  • Reading pictures and words
  • Speaking and expressing their thoughts

Socio-Emotional Development

  • Self Help Skills (buttoning, zipping, hand wash)
  • Expression of Emotions (gestures and words)
  • Cooperative play
  • Value and Etiquettes
  • Understand Feelings of self and others
  • Caring for peers

Gross-Motor Development

  • Balancing skills (building block, huddle walk)
  • Physical Movements & exercises
  • Muscle Co-ordination Activity such as Sand Play & Water Play

Congnitive Development

  • Observation Activities
  • Logical & Numerical Activities.
  • Identify Picture to Picture, Picture to Word, Word to Word
  • Sensory Development
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

Fine-Motor Development

  • Hand- Eye Co-ordination (beading, sorting, lacing, molding clay etc.)
  • Pincer Grip Activity (Paper crumpling, paper tearing, coloring within lines)

Creative Development

  • Creative Imagination & Expression
  • Creative Presentation
  • Creative art
  • Role play