Territory Manager – Academics & Support


Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Visits and Training
  2. Regular visits to Shanti Juniors Centres for :
    b. Seat Placement (dispatch of SEAT and its follow up till SEAT Placement)
    c. Seat Training
    d. Teachers’ sourcing and recruitment
    e. Teacher’s training; conducting TIP- Teacher Induction Programme
    i.  Handling Teacher Induction Programmes (training) of all centres; right from structuring their dates to their participant coordination, venue selection, arrangements for fooding, reading material, charge ability.
    f. Running and conducting academic events, contests, workshops and seminars for parents and teachers in discussion with Curriculum HOD.
    g. Planning and arranging for Skype meetings with HOD of every centre once a Quarter for direct interactions
    h. Conducting cross territory (not in territory assigned / mapped to self) and cross zonal

Quality Audit and Service Assistance with a mentor or co-worker

  1. Programme Implementation & Quality Audits
    a. Implementation of quality in curriculum and maintenance of all centres
    b. Conducting/ arranging for the cluster meetings once a month to understand challenges in curriculum implementation and resolution of queries.
    c. Administration of Quality Mantra during every visits
    d. Suggesting updates to curriculum team collected from personal visit (observations),teacher’s discussion, franchisee suggestions etc.
    e. Planning and conducting training programmes to ensure apt implementation of the up- radiation created.
    f. Collecting Feedback forms in documentation from Franchisees, Parents and Teachers on a regular basis to help raise the bar of Quality of Education
  2. Reports, content & Web-contributions
  3. Making and maintaining files all the feedback, portfolios and other relevant documents of centres related to academics
    b. Preparing Minutes of meeting for academic/ training related meets/ reviews, reports of visits, training, events and celebrations at Shanti Juniors visited / conducted regularly
    c. Collecting photographs of centres, activities, events, celebrations through personal visits, emails from centres and training and providing for website uploading
    d. Creating and releasing newsletters for respective zones on a quarterly basis which should reflect the highlights of most centres under purview
    e. Analyzing Quality mantra, Academic Feedback forms from various sources like parents,
    teachers and franchisees , Analysis of QASA for statistical summation4. Performance Reflectors (purely for performance appraisal)
  4. Successful fulfilment of all KRA’s assigned on time
    b. Satisfactory reviews from seniors, co-workers and colleagues about the individual as a team member
    c. Initiatives taken/ suggested to make a change
    d. Proposition of new system and proof of successfully implementing it to display its success rateAdvisory Mentor – Academic and Audit

Key Responsibility Areas

  1. Visits and Trainings
    a) Visiting centres of Shanti Juniors for QASA; PAN India at locations of our presence and also statistically analyzing the reports to interpret key areas that need attention for
    improvements and growth
    b) Preparing and conducting training programmes, enrichment workshops and seminars for teachers, parent and franchisees in discussion with HOD Curriculum
    c) Proposing for up gradations in systems of academics through new formats for channelizing and streamlining the human resources of academic team to work towards better quality of education at all our preschools
    d) Proposing for SEAT/ Curriculum up gradations on deriving information from the Academic Team
  2. Program Development and Implementation
  3. a) Developing the academic & quality management system for the Mother Toddler Programme
    b) Creating Programme brochure, fee structure, forms and formats, registers, etc.
    c) Understanding the product from the developer and moulding it to suit the market for implementation
    d) Sourcing, selection and recruitment of facilitators for the Mother Toddler Programme
    e) Polishing the Training programme for the Mother Toddler on the proposition of the developer
    f) Being involved in the practical implementation of the Mother Toddler Programme at centres till they stabilize to function independently through a mentor’s roleAcademic Research, Content Contributions & Team Mentorship
  4. a) Web articles, articles and content for ‘Parentales’, Shanti patra- Shanti Juniors aspects only, other valuable sharing through written content
    b) Academic research for understanding the details of programme contents, implementation strategies etc. from competitors
    c) Team Mentorship for grooming and guiding Academic team for best performance on academic query resolution, academic monitoring of centres for optimum functions, teacher recruitment and training.
    d) Contributing, reviewing and proofing content of newsletter zones wise, which will be a quarterly affair.

Desired Candidate Skills

    Salary : Rs 25000 to Rs 30000 per month

    Address : Ahmedabad

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