Territory Manager – Admission & Support


Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attending and Counseling the walk-ins and Phone inquiry by following the Shanti Junior Core Counseling Process
  • Responsible (partially along with the Franchise) for overall administration of the centre, Enrollment Procedure and maintaining the documents related to them
  • She shall be responsible to keep a check on all academic related activities, other celebrations, and events happening in the centre and reporting the same to Academic Team.
  • She shall be responsible for Fee Collection and PDCs and related Documents.
  • Responsible for the management of all the activities, celebrations, events happening in the centre.
  • Responsible for maintaining overall hygiene and cleanliness of the centre.
  • Responsible for sending the Daily, Weekly report to TM BDA (Business development and Counseling Manager).
  • Maintaining the Daily inquiry Register, Admission Register Format and Inquiry Forms.
  • Responsible for inspecting the teachers for their conduct and teaching method.
  • Maintaining a regular warm and friendly relation with the parents to grab more admissions through references.
  • Taking active part in the business promotional activities, data collection and management of the same.
  • Providing a regular feedback to TM BDA about progress of the centre, parent’s feedback, about the competitors, in the same area, suggestions if any.
  • Keep the TM BDA informed about the Market Potential of nearby area, conduct activities to target that target audience and for all other marketing related activities.
  • Responsible for entering the admission data within 2 working days in the E-Juniors software.

Desired Candidate Skills

  • Should possess excellent communication and presentation kills.
  • Should possess good convincing power.
  • Should be well versed with MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint Presentations.

Desired Candidate Skills

    Salary : Rs 25000 to Rs 30000 per month

    Address : Ahmedabad

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