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Well, that’s not the spelling mistake in the subject line. It’s actually a cool place for our children than a Pre-school so we called it a “Pre-Cool”. As you all know that Shanti Juniors is known for making wonderful memories for the children. They are very sensitive and every child is a special. Some love water, some are scared off and some love X and Some love Y.

We’ve seen many children who get scared of water like hell and they cry out for hours with the fear of just talking about the pool experience. It’s important for any children to enjoy and have a lovely experience about anything by which S/he is surrounded. A fear always keeps her/him trapped and never allows her/him to innovate or conduct experiments.

So What do we do? It’s very tough to convince child to jump into the water if s/he is scared off. So here is the answer. You must have heard about “Child-Friendly environment” at Shanti Juniors Pre-Schools often during the counselling session at our pre-schools. So when we say its child-friendly, we refer safety, hygiene, creativity, curiosity, celebration, learning, togetherness & memorable environment. Yes, it’s very tough to upkeep that combination at a same time. I referred in 1st paragraph that every child is special and has different interest areas. So we combine that approach with our child-friendly environment and that’s what we call I-Cube Learning Ladder. I know it’s confusing for you but the back-end theory of our curriculum is what derived accordingly. There is always a strong and brain-stormed logic behind every method and activity of our curriculum.

Many children love water, many love splashing, Many love to play with colorful balls and many of them love the company of their friends. So this “Splash Pool” becomes a wonderful activity specially in Summers, where every child splashes, enjoys the water, plays freely like we did in our childhood. A Child will be motivated seeing her/his friends into the cool pool and gradually that child will start loving water who hated earlier. Moreover, They learn infinite things. I wish, we could play the same way like they do! The above photo collage speaks everything!

Developing a child holistically since 2010,

Shanti Juniors | Narrator: Iva Patel


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