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“The most memorable part of a child is the unconditional love and storytelling sessions with their Grandparents.”

Grandparents are like banyan trees that give shade and comfort to the family.

They are always there to offer their cool shade to their children and grandchildren. It seems that they have all the love, affection and warmth in the world stored within them and hence, they create a special bond between the two generations. More than the parents, grandparents feel the pain when the child gets hurt or starts crying.

A Grandparent for children is:

• Someone who offers unconditional love

• A mentor who can help with their problems

• A companion and someone to talk to

• Someone who will stand beside them

• A window into their parent’s childhood

• Kindness, humour and patience

• Family traditions

• Life lessons and learning from past

They are a volcano of knowledge and possess the wealth of real life experiences and information to share, which is not taught in any of the schools. Some of the grandparents have all the time in the world to devote towards their grandchildren. Some parents make use of this opportunity and leave their child at the care of the grandparents. In this manner, they are able to support the family to lead a better life. The parents can always trust them for love and care of their children.

They also serve as a great link between the past, present and the future. As things change in our world, it has become important for grandparents to check with their grown children and be in sync with their parenting styles. Communication and respect are key aspects of the grandparent to parent relationship.

However, always remember that some things will never change like the importance of grandparents and grandparents’ love for their grandchildren.

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