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Hello Mothers! I’m Jeny Patel – MBA by qualification, mother of a 4 years old, a full-time professional, and the one who has the good fortune to be able to balance it all.

Remembering the times of our lives, barely 10 years ago, when childhood was all about playing outside all day, riding bicycles, playing sports, the time when we “Moved around” and our world wasn’t that complex. Unlike today, where technology has taken over our minds, where entertainment and games are all about TV, Internet, Video games and cell phones! Empty playgrounds make me realize on how technology has probably “paralyzed” the very foundation of not just physical behavior, but also the psychological values. Gone are the days of having a “dining table conversation” which is now replaced by the ‘big screens”. Thanks to some of the best play schools in India who ensure that they have proper field trips and outdoor play to improve their gross motor skills. I am happy as Shanti Juniors is one of preschools near me.

Up till the age of 3, having Aarav eat food was the biggest task of my life. There was no other way for me to make him consume food but to start up YouTube and show him rhymes.

Last Month, Me, aarav and my husband went out to a multiplex to watch a Movie “Dangal”. Things were running perfectly fine. Aarav was enjoying the songs and all that Kushti & its practice scenes. He started doing mimicry of Aamir Khan by uttering Geetta & Babbitta again & again. Later half of the movie, wherein the drama started which was quite above his age to understand and Aarav started looking here & there. I realized that he lost the connection and started getting bored. As usual he started his tantrums, Mom, Water! Mom Toilet!. We tried to settle him back on his seat, he was still behaving restless and suddenly he nudged his dad and shouted aloud, “Daddy, where’s the remote? Can you please change the channel?”

This definitely created a moment of laughter amongst the audience around, but it also awakened a thought within: ‘Is the generation so addicted to technology, that it makes them believe that their likes and dislikes can be managed by one “button of remote?”

Today, technology has become a very important part of our lives and it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without technology. As parents, we need to realize the importance of our influence and input when it comes to our child’s learning. Rather than playing with children, conversing with them, or spending some ”quality time” with children, we choose an easier option to keep them busy, by giving them the remote, video games, or cell phone devices, creating a deep and irreversible distance between parent and child. You never know when you child start developing his addiction towards undue apps & children games online.

But, despite all the negative impact technology has left on us, internet is also a great source of information and a very valuable way of teaching your child. It can provide great education for your children and help in developing creativity and imagination. So, Technology, when used by children in right manner and under a proper guidance, can help growth and child’s development during early childhood education. The continuously growing tech-world has also come up with some of the best child –friendly apps. Parents must put a close look at the child’s technological usage and must encourage kids to use apps and games from which child learns and grows. Some of the best schools and Preschools in India has been focusing on using the right kind of appsfor a child’s development. Let’s accept it that technology can become “wings” that can allow the educational world to fly, if used in an appropriate manner

But, I have always believed that there is no better substitute to sitting with your children at the end of the day, listening to and sharing their daily routine, reading out a story to them or even playing a simple game. In this ever changing technological world, it’s very important to spend enough time with your child, before they lose out on the emotional values.

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