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Hey Parents, Out of #MomStories, We’ve got one wonderful entry of Ms.Darshana. She indeed attempts to change our perspectives towards a big issue. Let’s hear it from her own words!

Hi all,

I am Mrs. Darshana Solanki, from Rajkot (GUJARAT) a teacher by profession and mother of 4 years old boy. Like other parents I and my husband often think about good nourishment of our child. In this regards, a couple of days back we both attended a seminar on good parenting. Amidst the seminar, I heard the speaker talking about CHILD LABOUR, and suddenly, my mind diverted from the base topic of “Parenting” to “Child Labour”, and I couldn’t hold on to my thoughts on Child Labour!

Parents, here I want to share my view on Child Labour. Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

As per our constitution every citizen has equal right but this is absolutely not found in the right of child education. The children who work, loose the quality time of playing with friends, going to school for learning, framing their dreams and a lot more things that other students easily achieve.

So, what is Child Labour?

From my perspective child labour is “any kind of activities were children either willingly or forcefully engaged in some kind of economic activities.”

Who’re responsible for child labour?

Lack of Education and immense poverty! I think poor and uneducated parents who force their children to earn money, unaware about the importance of education in their child’s lives, are the major causes of increasing child Labour in our Country. They need instant money and child labour is the right-away and assured mode of revenue for them.

Where is child labour found?

Despite all the efforts against Child Labour, child labour remains a major problem, internationally. As per the latest data approx. 33 million children in India and around 157 million children engaged in child labour at worldwide.

Who suffer by child labour?

It’s not just the child, but a nation in general that suffers due to child labour. The child himself spoils her/his future, the family of the child misses the opportunity of their child’s best future and collaboratively the entire nation doesn’t come out of that vicious circle of child labour.

I am sure what I wrote above is nothing new and have been heard by us million times. But the question is:

“Being an educated citizen of the country, what should we do to overcome this issue instead of waiting or blaming!”

 Can’t we educate at least one poor child?

 Can’t the rich people pay education fees of at least one poor child?

 Can’t teachers teach poor child (without fees) sparing just one hour a day?

 Can’t college students teach at least one poor child throughout their college days?

 Can’t schools provide the premises at least an hour in a day for the poor child’s education?

 Can’t the book seller adopt the stationary and book expense of at least one child from his own area?

And it’s not just a book seller or a teacher who can help a child? You can be the one too! Spend a while and think of what is it that you as an individual do to educate poor children, so diminish the issue of child labour from its root cause: Educate!

I am doing my bit! Not for my country, Not for the child too! But for my own eternal satisfaction. Try it once!

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