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Raising Caring, Confident SHEONS

As parents, we often struggle in setting up a routine for nurturing our young ones. Then how about raising a confident child? We sometimes wish we could master the skills to know the steps and process to raise a confident child. How can we diagnose the problems and take corrective actions?

However, we’re lucky to have Dr. Anita Verma (an eminent educator, a child psychologist and a counsellor) who has a rich experience of over 35 years in education –both at school and higher levels where she has groomed teachers and parents alike to ingrain the importance of early childhood education experience in them. She has been an integral part of the Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited first as the founder Principal of its flagship school and thereafter as the Head-Academics at SEIL.

Dr. Verma was very impressed with the children of Shanti Juniors, when she saw them actively participating in Sheon’s Carnival activities at Ahmedabad.

She has her unique perspective which she has shared with us as below.

Hello Parents,

Raising a caring, confident child is the goal of every parent.

But it is tough to decide whether our demanding child is confident, strong willed, or bossy; whether s/he is quiet and shy by nature or lacks confidence. Recognizing and understanding children’s belief in themselves and their abilities is not easy. So how do we recognise confidence in our children?

Children are confident when they know how they feel and what they do. They are confident when they can trust themselves and also the adults in their lives.

Children take pride from accomplishment, when they learn to master a skill. Allow them to ask or answer a question; solve a problem or work hard to get something right. Let them discover through trial and error that there are a number of ways to solve the problem. With each try they learn a little more patience and persistence. They can find a solution and this helps build their confidence.

What’s important to note is that both process and product build confidence. While the process develops the child’s determination, the product reflects their abilities. A small challenge can teach a child that an unsuccessful try is not necessarily a failure, and that it’s fine to learn from others and keep trying. As parents are we giving them enough opportunities to plan, prepare and persist with a task?

Children love to feel and act grown up. Their pride and confidence grows when they make choices and decisions for their own selves. Do we respond to their independence? Do we give them the appropriate challenges and questions? And, do we boost their confidence by acknowledging their hard work, whether they succeed or not?

When your child can bounce back from failure, they know that parents believe in them. That is when the roots of a strong self- esteem are planted…. and children grow up to become caring, capable and confident!

Raise your Sheons to accept their challenges. Be the lioness in the shadow, watch and wait for your child. Do not worry about them getting the scars of falling or failing. These anyways add to their experience and better problem- solving skills. But be there to step out when your child needs you – an affirming glance, a smile, a helping hand is often all that is needed.

And do remember,

No guts, no glory. No legends, no story!

Dr. Anita Verma

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