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Shikha : Hi Iva, What are you doing? How is Diwali Preparation going on?

Iva : Awesome Shikha, I am so excited with the preparations of Diwali that I just can’t explain.

Shikha : Excited?? My God, I am hell tired of work, preparations, shopping, deep cleaning, decorations and what not? It seems, I will be down by the time Diwali comes and would be tired enough to celebrate it 🙁

Iva : Haha! Don’t worry, I would come to help you. By the way, I am proud of you that you work hard to make your family happy. Whereas this Diwali, alongwith my family, I am preparing for other 153 families.

Shikha : What?? Are you serious? And you’ve your own Shanti Juniors Pre-school also to manage. How is it possible?

Iva : Yes, We all are busy with celebrating Diwali at our Shanti Juniors Pre-School. We had some awesome time where children made Diwali cards for family, mothers created rangoli patterns and home decoratives. They all created wonderful lamps and wall pieces, I will share you on whatsapp.

Shikha : Wow, That Sounds great! I am sure the parents would have been overwhelmed seeing children make cards for them. Isn’t it?

Iva : Exactly! This Diwali, we wanted our children to know where the real happiness of Diwali lies. It’s not in just bursting fire crackers and wearing new clothes, but in spending time with family, giving clothes and happiness to the one’s in need. We had organized a give-away festival too, wherein the children from our Shanti Juniors Pre-School, donated their stuff beautifully wrapped with Love & Smile. I just can’t say how those poor children were happily eating sweets.

Shikha : Ya, Iva. I saw it on your facebook page, it was awesome. God bless all your 153 Children. I have seen Top 10 nursery schools in the city, but nothing like your pre-school. You guys have been doing a great job, by spreading real happiness. But what about your family time? I think you should spend equal time with family. But I doubt you must be able to take time out of your busy schedule. ;P

Iva : Haha, Are you kidding me? I believe that’s the best part of having a Pre School franchise. You get plenty of time after working hours as I just spend half a day at Pre-School. I’m almost done with “Diwali work”. Shanti Juniors also made me a good planner since I started my pre-school venture, which helped me organize my personal life too.

Shikha : I am really jealous of you, Iva!

Iva : Shikha, earlier I used to do everything on my own. But later, I felt the need to contribute financially to my family and also where I can earn respect and self-evaluation. There was a time, where I was seeking employment and after being an Edupreneur, now I am employing people.

This is where I feel very proud that I am generating employment opportunities for needy and skilful people. That feeling is beyond happiness.

Shikha : Yes, your Teachers, Security Guard, Counselors and Maids are too good. I love your maid, she prepares lovely “Elaichi Wali Chai” whenever, I come to your pre-school.

Iva : Haha.. Most Welcome! Anyways, Shikha. You must become an Edupreneur. Believe me! Life changes. You are actually contributing to the future of India by nurturing the toddlers!

Shikha : That’s absolutely right, Chalo, Let’s meet this Diwali. I really need to learn a lot from you.

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